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Larry Lynn Shute

Larry's enthusiasm began a dream that inspired many to tag along for the train ride of a lifetime and help

to create a peaceful beautiful viewing deck to sit and enjoy the Tulip Trestle and the crossing of the train.  Sadly, for those who loved him, Larry Shute tipped his hat to the train conductor for the last time.

Larry left us on March 26, 2021

Chuck Britton

Chuck was helping at the trestle before the deck was thought of.  He helped with the soil and water group down there and met Adam Grossman and that is how he got involved with the actual trestle.  When the group started talking about building a deck there, he was all for it.  He thought it would be amazing to be able to sit there and watch the train go over the trestle.  He was involved in getting the deck built and when the events started down there he was right there ready to help.  He loved driving the tractor and wagon to bring people from their cars up to the events.  He was also a talker and he loved talking to everyone he met there.  He never met a stranger.


Jeff Reed

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